• enabling entrepreneurs to shape the future of Urban Tech


  • enabling entrepreneurs to shape the future of Urban Tech



Rivus Capital, with offices in Munich and Berlin, supports established, but especially young companies with equity, network and know-how.

Vision and innovation are at the core of everything we do. Entrepreneurial thinking needs freedom. This is our conviction from almost 30 years of entrepreneurship.
We are not a manager of "anonymous" capital from institutional investors, but work with our own funds - from ourselves and from entrepreneurial friends. Rivus Capital invests capital from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We want to work together with visionary and strong personalities to build and grow sustainably successful companies.

Our mission: "To enable entrepreneurs to shape the future of urban tech."

Our investment managers support our founding and management teams with their extensive industry and transaction experience in all phases of a company's development.
Through our close cooperation with the P&P Group, which was founded and built up by Michael Peter almost 30 years ago, we are able to support our portfolio companies with a broad network in all our focus areas.
Our decision-making paths are short: We make our own decisions - independently of third parties, investors or committees. This means we are fast and binding. We have no rigid guidelines or predefined contractual standards, but deal with each company individually.

Professional and experienced investment team

Experience from around 30 years of entrepreneurship

Strong network in our focus areas



Our investment and sector focus is shaped by our roots: Real Estate Technology, Mobility, Energy and Impact. We summarized these four segments under "Urban Tech". We see real estate as the central point of urbanity and support the sustainable digital connection and innovative transformation of cities. 

Urban Tech does not only focus on the city and its inhabitants, but also addresses the question of how the negative effects of urbanization on the environment can be rebalanced. Therefore, we also invest specifically in "impact" topics and always make all our investments taking ESG criteria into account.

Real Estate Tech

  • Construction Tech

  • Prop Tech

  • Innovative Construction Materials

  • Building Management & Automation

  • Property Security

  • Smart Home/City


  • Mobility Solutions

  • E-Mobility

  • Charging Infrastructure

  • Smart Mobility

  • Travel Tech

  • Shared Economy


  • Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Management/Storage

  • Renewable Energies

  • Climate Technology

  • Wind or Solar Energy

  • Energy Monitoring,
    Control and Optimi­zation


  • GreenTech

  • Circular Economy

  • Recycling Solutions

  • Water Treatment and Management

  • Air Quality Measurement and Management

  • Agricultural Technology
It's time to invest in real change. In a social and ecological transformation. With our investment approach, we invest exclusively in companies that are already creating a sustainable, clean, safe and healthy world for current and future generations. This is backed by our commitment to make sustainable and responsible green impact investments with our funds.


Our origin is the German Mittelstand, which we would like to strengthen. We support technology leaders in Urban Tech together with the founders and management teams in further growth, internationalization and the implementation of M&A projects (buy-and-build).


We are an early-stage investor and invest in (Pre-)Seed & Series A investment rounds. We support innovative and visionary Urban Tech founders and entrepreneurs in their growth plans by providing support primarily in the areas of business model development, organization building, fundraising and strategy.