We invest specifically in impact issues, in real change.
For us, an investment decision does not involve an isolated view of the company itself, but above all also takes into account the question which social or ecological added value can be created.
With our investment approach, we invest exclusively in companies that are already creating a create a sustainable, clean, safe and healthy world for current and future generations.
We focus on the arrangement of entrepreneurial succession
What companies do we invest in?
What are the occasions for investing?
Which scale is relevant for us?
We support companies to grow sustainably
As a reliable partner we support companies, founders and management teams with sustainable growth, internationalization and the implementation of M&A projects (Buy-and-Build) at home and abroad.
In this context, we see ourselves as a sparring partner who helps companies and their management in achieve their goals in a spirit of partnership, without interfering in day-to-day business.
For each portfolio company, we work together with the management team to define development targets and growth potential. Strategy development takes place in a spirit of partnership and without bias: We We deal with each company individually.
We help to optimize the core business, to establish new business areas, to professionalize the organization and to increase professionalize the organization and increase entrepreneurial and financial flexibility.
Organizational structure and development