We invest as an early-stage investor in (Pre-) Seed & Series A rounds with a focus on Real Estate Tech, Mobility, Energy and Impact. We summarize these sectors under the heading "Urban Tech". Real estate is at the core of ever-growing urbanity and our infrastructure determines how modern and competitive a location will be tomorrow - always keeping the future of the environment and the entire ecosystem in mind
In our focus areas, we see sustainable and disruptive developments where we see particular potential to build new and disruptive businesses:

Sustainability is not a slogan for us, but a duty, and we therefore see it as our responsibility to invest in a sustainable, better future.

Find out more about our perspective on Urban Tech here.

Digitization of the Construction Sector

The digitization of the construction sector offers great potential, especially due to the enormous market size in combination with the currently still low level of digitization.

Shared Economy

In our focus areas, we also see the development of a shared economy as essential in order to enable consistent growth while conserving resources.

Use of the Property Data

Not only the connection and use of real estate data is becoming more and more relevant, but also the digitalization of real estate management and its processes.

Renewable Energies

The usage, management and distribution of renewable energy poses major challenges to our infrastructure, and innovative technologies will emerge to solve them.

Future Workplace

The way we work and where we work will change. We see the workplace of the future in flexible, distributed models and more and more in virtual spaces.

Holistic Ecosystem

In addition, we see the ecosystem as a whole and therefore invest in all technologies that enable a sustainable environment by reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions, promote the careful use of resources and ensure clean air and clear water.


As an early-stage investor, we invest in people and their vision! We invest in teams that have the courage to revolutionize industries and focus on young software and IoT companies that can already demonstrate their first commercial successes.

Visionary Team of Founders

Visionary and complementary founding team with industry experience

Geographical Focus:

Western Europe, esp. DACH, UK,
FR, SP, IT and Nordics

First commercial success

Strong traction with first paying customers and rapidly growing pipeline

Investment from 200k - 1 Mio €

As initial ticket size and
up to 3 Mio € in subsequent rounds

Business models:

B2B, B2B SaaS, B2C


Software, Hardware-enabled Software,
Tech-enabled Services

Software, Hardware-enabled Software, Tech-enabled Services

Our Added Value.

Urban Tech is the DNA of Rivus Capital. With many years of industry experience, we offer our teams comprehensive know-how and a broad network in our focus areas, because venture capital goes far beyond capital. We actively support our portfolio companies, working closely with other investors throughout the investment process. We hold a real estate portfolio of over €1 billion in which we can test and deploy innovative solutions from our portfolio companies.

Our ongoing market analyses allow us to identify industry trends at an early stage and support our portfolio companies in entering new markets and product segments and making the best possible decisions.

Scale and Internationalization

Business Model Development



Go-to-Market Strategy





Our target industries are among the largest in the world, but are still in the early stages of digitization. We collaborate with our exceptional founding teams to lead these industries into a digital 21st century and to shape and change them for the long term.
In addition to generating financial returns, we see our corporate responsibility in particular for the environment and society. Our goal is to make a positive contribution to solving the global climate crisis. We commit ourselves to conduct our own business activities in an economically sustainable manner and to reduce our carbon footprint.


Simon Math


E: sm@rivuscap.com

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